P90x Redux

P90XFirst a little back story.  It was summer of 2010.  Me and my buddy Todd are out on the lake doing some slalom water skiing.  Earlier in my life I used to ski quite a bit and it has always been something I enjoy doing.  This was the first time I had a chance to ski in a few years.  In those years, I hadn’t done much in the way of staying fit.  A little mountain biking here and there, but not much else.  No lifting, running, etc.  Basically sitting at my desk and working.

After failing to get out of the water more than 6 times, I gave up.  I did not have the hand strength to hold onto the rope to even get out of the water.  I was more than disgusted, but just wrote it off at the time.

Fast forward to September of 2010.  I am in Wyoming on a proghorn antelope hunt.  I manage to down my antelope several hundred yards from the closest road, meaning I was going to have to pack out the animal on a frame pack.  A field dressed antelope weighs 80-100 lbs. I loaded the antelope up on the frame pack and with help from my partner, was able to stagger up onto my feet.  The hike out nearly killed me.

Upon return home, I knew I had to do something.  While I was not overweight, I was very out of shape and had very little strength and fitness.  I was what some would call skinny fat.

I didn’t really achieve anything directly after returning home, but I was headed back to Wyoming on another antelope hunt the following year and pledged to get into some sort of shape in case I needed to haul out another animal.

Enter P90x.  I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercials and maybe know someone who had done the program.  I bought the program and set July 4, 2011 as my Day 1 date.  My day 1 stats were about 20% body fat, 180 lbs.  My strength was abysmal, barely able to complete 3 pull ups and other markers were very low.

I committed to the work out portion of the program and only slightly followed the nutrition guide.  I did not complete the entire 90 day round on my first try, but did complete 2 phases before my antelope hunt.  I didn’t really take a full complement of markers, but I had dropped to about 175lb and somewhere around 16% body fat.  While my weight loss and body fat change was not huge, my strength and fitness increases were huge.

After returning from my hunt in 2011, my drive for working out lessened and my need for being out mountain biking on the trails had taken over.  I spent every available minute out on the trails instead of any work out time.

Fast forward to now, it is again July and I am again committing to completing a full round of P90x.  I am only 3 days in so far.  My day 1 stats for this round are as follows:


14% body fat

I was happy to see that although I am out of ‘lifting’ shape, my fitness is higher due to much increased riding time.  I was also happy to see that my strength had diminished very little since my last P90x workouts.

I am have now completed day 3 and I am sore as all get out!  I am committing to completing the full round although I will have to take a week off next month when I head to Durango for a week of mountain biking in the mountains.  It will fall during a rest week in P90x so hopefully that will sorta count.

At any rate, I am hoping that this will also help with my power on the mountain bike.  My endurance and fitness in the saddle has improved greatly over the past 10 months of regular riding, but my power has been pretty slow to increase.  Climbs are still my weakest point and hopefully the increased strength will help on that part.

I’ll keep you posted and make sure to post up 30, 60 and 90 day updates as I progress.  I did take some pictures this time around on Day 1 so I’ll have some visuals for comparison besides having to go shopping to get new clothes.