About Me

I started mountain biking back in 2005.  My first mountain bike was a used 2002 Specialized Stumpjumper and it served me well for many years.  I rode sporadically, until real life reared it’s ugly head, with a hectic schedule that left scant time for much outside enjoyment.  A chain of events parked the Stumpjumper in the garage for a period of time, gathering dust and not getting much use.

In addition to mountain biking, I also greatly enjoy hunting.  In 2011, I took a trip out west to go Antelope hunting in Wyoming.  After quickly tagging out, me and my hunting buddy headed over to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  That fateful week set in motion my soon to be addiction to mountain biking.

Upon returning home, I couldn’t stand being indoors.  I was drawn outside all the time.  It was near impossible to keep me inside.  So I broke out my bike and started hitting some of the local trails.  After a couple of rides, I was badly hooked, wanting nothing more than to be outside, on the trails, and close to nature.

It was about this time that I started thinking about upgrading my bike.  The old Stumpjumper had served me well, but I was now ready to get a newer bike with better components (and omg, disc brakes!).  It wasn’t long before I had my sights set on a well priced lightly used 2011 Specialized Stumpjumper 29er.

I bought the bike and immediately fell in love with it.  This baby was plush, comfy, fun … and FAST!  Well, fast for me anyway.  I was riding 2-3 times per week.  My bike fitness was growing and I was soon outpacing all of my current riding buddies.

Showing up my riding buddies erroneously made me think that I might have some semblance of a chance in an actual mountain bike race. I woke up around 5AM the morning of the 2012 Mellow Johnny’s Classic at Flat Creek Ranch and decided, “What the hell?”. I threw my bike, gear, and camelback in the truck and headed out!

I didn’t do well, but I also didn’t finish DFL. I finished 32 out of 46 finishers (52 starters). While I found out I wasn’t as quick as I thought I might be, I was hooked.

I have always had a highly competitive nature and with my current lifestyle, this looked like the perfect outlet for that competitiveness. It would allow me to train on my own time and compete every once in a while.

I didn’t really think I’d dive in deep, just do a couple of local races. I set out to be a little more prepared for another upcoming race at Pace Bend Park. I did prepare a little better for this race, but I didn’t fare any better on the course. In this one I finished 32 out of 42 finishers (46 starters).

Undeterred, I entered the final race of the season at Rocky Hill Ranch where I finished 34th of 41 finishers (46 starters).

You would think these pitiful results would stifle my desire to race, but alas, it did naught but redouble my desire to race, and be competitive. I decided then and there that I would undertake some sort of structured training and begin racing ‘seriously’ as a Cat 3 racer in the 40-49 age bracket in 2013.

This blog is my story of rides, races, and training.

Singletrack has a way of forcing even the most unapologetic dreamers to leave the shadowy worlds of their minds and think only in the simple absolutes of the present: swerve around that stump; hop over those downed trees; steer hard right; jerk hard left; pedal harder, up, harder, up, harder, almost there, hard stroke, gasp for breath, rumble down.
– Jill Homer “Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide”