Pace Bend Park on a Pivot Switchblade

I haven’t made it out to Pace Bend in a while so I was inspired by Alex Chamberlain’s KOM attempt to head out and try to bag a couple myself.

I picked up one easy and semi-obscure KOM so it’s hard to brag about that one. I would have been more proud of some new PR’s and/or a KOM on some other segments.

I came close on one of the ones I really wanted to catch, but a less than perfect run cost me the precious time that would have been needed to nab the KOM.

I PR’d a couple of other segments, but in the end I think these more XC friendly segments don’t really help the heavier Switchblade. That and my lack of fitness training this year meant that I didn’t see the gains I would have liked to see.

Maybe I’ll give it another try in another month or two after I’ve had more time to regain some fitness from time off the bike and cold recovery.

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