Mancation Day 4 – South Boundary Trail Angel Fire | MTB Vlog 13

Day 4 of my Mancation had us headed for the South Boundary Trail. This epic ride traverses the mountain range between Angel Fire and Taos. It is a spectacular ride. While some truly beast riders might ride this as a 60 mile loop, we opted to stage a truck in Taos and then shuttle up the first big climb on the Angel Fire side.

There are a couple of really superb descents along this ride. The Heaven on Earth segment, as well as the final big descent to Taos.

We had a little fun on the Heaven on Earth Strava segment as I had entered it into my Garmin to beat a buddy of ours’ Strava time. It was quite hilarious with us having to bunny hop small trees, cyclocross jump larger trees, and then even having to go way off trail for the really, really big downed trees.

At any rate, we encountered only a little snow, and even though there were many downed trees, they were all navigable.

A truly epic ride with a couple of good ridding buddies, Chance and Bernie.



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