Mancation Day 2 – Winsor Trail Santa Fe | MTB Vlog 11

Day 2 of my Mancation had me meeting up with Chris from Austin and Chance and Bernie from Dallas. We met up and shuttled the Winsor Trail in Santa Fe.

We did 2 runs. On the first run, we hooked up with a local who showed us some alternate routes which were a lot of fun. The 2nd run we just did a straight forward top to bottom of the Winsor Trail.

Super fun!

Highlight video of Winsor:
Full top to bottom of Winsor:

After hooking up with Chance and Bernie, I decided to follow them to Angel Fire and set up camp for the rest of the week at the Monte Vista RV park. A quiet spot to pitch a tent very close to Angel Fire Bike Park as well as the surrounding trails.

Video Gear
GoPro Hero4 Silver:
Feiyu Tech Wearable Gimbal:
Smatree SmaPole:

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