Van Sickle – Rim Trail – Monument Pass – Cold Creek

Day 2 of mountain bike riding in South Lake Tahoe. Today, time was short so I had to roll out really early. That precluded me from getting a shuttle, so up the mountain I go! I started at Van Sickle Bi-State park right behind Heavenly Village, taking the Van Sickle trail up to the Tahoe Rim Trail, and then over to and down Monument Pass Trail, where I connected up with Cold Creek Trail.

The climb up wasn’t too bad and afforded some great views of Lake Tahoe. Once up to the Rim Trail, I got some magnificent views of the Carson Valley before crossing back over and heading down Monument Pass Trail.

Monument Pass Trail was great fun and challenging. The trail itself was very, very sandy. The sand was thick and deep and at times it was hard to keep from drifting to the side of the trail!

The technical switchbacks gave a nice challenge. Couple that with more splendid mountain views and it was a great time!

Cold Creek was even more fun! This portion of the trail was faster and flowy’er than Monument, but it also gave plenty of challenging technical spots as well with some large boulder crawls.

I was again riding the Intense Tracer 27.5 that I had rented from Over The Edge Cycles in South Lake Tahoe. The bike was a great choice for all the riding I was doing in SLT.

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