2016 Rocky Hill Ranch Mountain Bike Race – Smithville, TX Race #1

My Cat2 40-49 mountain bike race video from the 2016 Rocky Hill Roundup held at Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville, Texas.

This is the first race of the Texas state 2016 series. I have high hopes for this season and have already started out with strong and consistent training.

This was the first test of the season to see how far (if any) improvements I’ve made in my fitness and race prep.

I was feeling pretty confident going into the race and was gunning for a podium position. There were some unknown names on the pre-reg list so I didn’t know how some were going to perform, but I did know several of the others and anticipated strong competition.

My initial strategy worked pretty well. Gun it as hard as I can up the first climbs to stay as close to the front as possible and then just ride smoothly through the singletrack. That plan worked out pretty well, but I was just plain outgunned by 1st and 2nd place finishers. 1st place finished 3 minutes ahead and 2nd finished 1.5 mins ahead. I’ll have some work to do to improve my placement, and I fully expect more strong racers to show up to other races as well.

One thing about this race is that it was a bit of a lonely race. After I regained 3rd place, I didn’t see anyone else in my race group for the remainder of the race. I did pass a truckload of earlier age group racers though, which is better than 2 years ago when a truckload of later group racers passed me instead, ha!

All in all, I hit my goal time of 1:26, which was good enough for 3rd. Next up is the Mellow Johnny’s Classic at Flat Creek Crossing Ranch!

Dashware used for gauges/HUD: http://www.dashware.net

Strava – https://www.strava.com/activities/499221721

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