2015 – Flat Rock Ranch Mountain Bike Race

My Cat2 40-44 mountain bike race video from the 2015 Hill Country Mountain Bike Challenge held at Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, Texas. This is a fantastic race course and venue with some of the best sustained descents in Texas.

This race was race #4 in the 2015 State series. This was my first race of the year having come off of being very sick throughout the month of January, thus severely hampering my training and racing options.

Race went well and I was feeling pretty good, but my lungs were still recovering from flu and bronchitis. Still, a fantastically fun ride and race.

Finished in 9th place.

Dashware used for gauges/HUD: http://www.dashware.net

Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/268870855

Thanks to my buddy Shawn for the use of his band’s song/music! A little different style than most of the others, but this course suited a bit of a country feel!

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Long time mountain biker, recent mountain bike racer. Borderline unhealthy obsession with mountain biking, constantly drawn to hit the dirt and share my experiences.

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