2014 Week 1 Training – Sweat and Gears

Well, my official week 1 training is complete. I say official because unofficially, I started a week prior to that! But the first week consisted of mainly fitness and power tests, as well as some ‘warm up’ riding to get back into the groove.

I haven’t spent much time on the bike in a couple of months so I hit the ground running to get things kicked off.

I added a Stages Power Meter to my road bike and have been exploring training with power. It has also given me new drive to get my rides in, both for the ‘new toy’ feeling, and also for improvements.

Stages Power Meter

Stages Power Meter

It is interesting to see how my power numbers stack up and what it has shed light on thus far. Unsurprisingly, I knew my actual power was unimpressive, and it further confirmed some of my perceived weaknesses. Hopefully these confirmed insights will give me new guidance on how to address and improve my riding weaknesses.

I am again doing another round of the Time Crunched Training Plan. I am familiar with the plan and I feel I have gotten good improvements with it in the 2 rounds I’ve done so far. Now with the added power data, I hope to be able to add in some additional targeted workouts, as well as better quality in my existing work outs.

So far I have felt really good. After the first week of ‘warming up’, my legs feel like they have some good snap and pop to them, which deviates from some of the sluggishness I have felt on other recent rides. It feels good to feel some strength in my legs again!

In addition to the TCTP workouts, at this time I also have 2 added workouts. On Mondays I am going to Yoga and on Wednesdays I am doing an abbreviated leg and back workout from P90X, including the core/Ab workout in an effort to add some power to the legs as well as keep my core strength maintained. Already I feel like it has made a difference as the slight back pain I had been experiencing on mid-duration rides has already subsided, but that could also be due to just more time in the saddle.

So far schedule has been very cooperative. I hope that this trend continues, but I do know that the familial schedule will start ramping up as Spring comes along. My goal is to never go more than 2 days without a bike workout. It is going to be challenging sometimes, but nobody ever said training was easy.

Here’s to a strong 2014 racing season!

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