2014 Rocky Hill Roundup Mountain Bike Race

2014 Rocky Hill Roundup Mountain Bike Race
Smithville, Texas
February 9, 2014
Men’s Cat 2 40-44

This is the 1st race in the TMBRA State Series

Shot 100% on GoPro Hero2 HD

My first Cat 2 mountain bike race. I did okay I guess, had hoped for a top 10 finish. Did hit a ‘wall’ around mile 11 or so and it took me a couple of miles before I had recovered enough to put the gas back on. Felt like I finished strong and had a good time.

Race Report: http://www.turnincranks.com/2014/rocky-hill-roundup-race-report-2014/

Dashware used for gauges/HUD: http://www.dashware.net

Race 1: Rocky Hill Ranch : http://youtu.be/yMdjldT25vo (15th)

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