2014 Mellow Johnny’s Classic Mountain Bike Race

My Cat2 40-44 mountain bike race video from 2014 Mellow Johnny’s Classic. Weather started out nice. Watch the temp in the upper right as it starts at 68 and plummets to below 40 over the course of the race!

Some water on the lens from sprinkles of rain. Said rain also resulted in slick rocks and roots which resulted in a crash about 1/3 through my 2nd lap.

Finished up 12 of 30 starters. Had been hoping for a top 10 spot. Hopefully at the next race!

Race Report: http://www.turnincranks.com/2014/mellow-johnnys-classic/

Dashware used for gauges/HUD: http://www.dashware.net

Race 1: Rocky Hill Ranch : http://youtu.be/yMdjldT25vo (15th)
Race 2: Mellow Johnny’s Classic : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrMQUbRVEqo (12th)

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Long time mountain biker, recent mountain bike racer. Borderline unhealthy obsession with mountain biking, constantly drawn to hit the dirt and share my experiences.

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