2013 Reveille Peak 100k Mountain Bike Race

Ride Report Here: www.turnincranks.com/2013/reveille-peak-100k-race-report/

Reveille Peak Ranch is a fantastic ride location here in the Texas Hill Country. It’s like a mini-Moab with slick rock features and fantastic trails.

The Reveille Peak 100k is a marathon race held in November. Forecasts for this particular race were looking pretty grim, but the weather held out and it was a fun, yet cold, race.

My buddy Kirby and I went into this race planning to just have fun, but ended up putting out better performances than we were expecting and managed to win the 40+ duo age group!

Terra Firma Racing put on an excellent mountain bike race and I will be doing more of their events in the future. It was an excellently run race with nothing but friendly faces and a good time!

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