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Lake Travis Cycling Club Tuesday Niter

Jun 10, 2014
10 riders

Fun ride, spirited and high tempo. Usually really fast guys break off the [Read more…]

My first century bike ride

The first half of my century ride condensed into 10 second clips.

Strava Activity:
<br [Read more…]

Bike theft in progress?

Saturday, June 7, 2014
About 7AM
Corner of Rainey St and Davis St.

I come around the corner and [Read more…]

Austin Driveway Series Criterium – June 6, 2014

Austin Driveway Series Criterium
June 6, 2014
Men’s Cat 4/5

My 2nd ever crit race. Manage to do [Read more…]

Cycling across Austin in 45 seconds

Just a short time lapse of my ride across Austin. A 1 hour ride shortened to 45 seconds

Austin Pure Driveway Series Cat 4/5 Finish – June 5, 2014

Just the finish after I was pulled with 2 to go