Whiny Lil Bitch – Or the castration of Buck Creek Trails

Where did Buck Creek Trails' balls go?

Where did Buck Creek Trails’ balls go?

A quick little post while the fires are still hot.

I’m a tech rider. I hugely look forward to the technical oriented courses because I know that will favor my riding style. That, and you know, it’s nice to have some ‘mountain bike’-esque riding in the races sometimes.

I thought one such race was the Bent Wheel Bash in Abilene, Texas.

Unfortunately, for 2013, I was very, very wrong.

I was looking forward to this ride all year. I knew the course had some good technical portions, good rock crawling, some good technical descents, and some good punchy climbs. Add in there was quite a bit of flow in the trail and you have a win-win scenario.

Sadly, it appears that too many people had to hike a bike in the rocks in Fall 2012. I can’t imagine why any mountain biker worth his salt would have to hike a bike much on that course, but whatever. So they made the great decision to dumb down and sanitize the trail.

Yeah, well, by dumb down and sanitize, what I mean is they completely cut out almost every single bit of actual technical riding there was at this trail. Instead we were treated to characterless, dirt trail riding. I think this one should have been called Beginner Wheel Bash because the trail was so ridiculously simple, that even pure beginner, once a month casual trail riders would have found this trail agreeable.

So what does this mean? Well, it means the fitness/roadies were able to turn this once greatly balanced course into an all out hammerfest. It’s no big surprise that I didn’t finish as well as I’d like because the fitness side isn’t my strongest point. I prefer to actually ride my mountain bike, not ride a road bike for 6 hours a week so I can go hammer a cheesy simpleton of a trail on the weekends and stomp riders who could rock climb them into the dirt.

I managed 12mph over the extent of this course. That is ridiculous. Hell, back in the fall I still managed 10mph with the technical sections.


Sadder still is that I am now ashamed. Ashamed that I talked this course and venue up to so many people, encouraging them to make the much longer distance drive because the course was so fun. Ashamed that I pointed people to the full loop video from the fall to tell allow them to prepare for the race only to have them ask me after the race, ‘Where was all that fun stuff?’.

I had to do a lot of finagling and sacrifices to make that race this year. But it was a great course and I knew it would be worth it. Boy, was I wrong. What a waste of time, and a waste of a weekend riding opportunity.

This course was so demoralizing that it really makes me question if I even want to waste my time with any other TMBRA (that does have MOUNTAIN BIKE in it somewhere doesn’t it?) races. It really drives it home that I could have put together a fun little trip to go with friends to an actual fun course to ride rather than put forth so much effort for the pile of steaming horse shit that was presented today.

I hate to denigrate those who put forth the effort and drive to make this race happen. I know they put a lot of work into it. But why such a drastic change? I’ll tell you why… money. They were too worried that the technicality of the trail was scaring away possible roadies that they dumbed it down to a Sunday ride in the park. Well, I sure hope those roadies loved the new course, because, I for one, will not be returning to Abilene to ride that race again. What a joke!

In closing, if you haven’t figured out who the ‘Whiny Lil Bitch’ in the title is yet, it’s me. I’ll totally own up to my whining and crying. Because what I rode today was pitiful and a waste of my time. I like to MOUNTAIN BIKE not spend so much time and effort to RIDE my mountain bike on dumpy little trails.

Further still, this is my home territory. I grew up in Sweetwater, just 40 miles west of Abilene. And I am further ashamed that people new to Abilene will now think that this course is what to expect from West Texas. Dumpy little, grandma cruising, flat, non-descript cheeseball trails, and not the hard, bust your balls, technical trail that could have been presented.

What a fucking waste…

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