Week 2 Training Report

Well, 2 weeks of training are in the books and I am happy to report that I am still on track.

The weather was flat out gorgeous here this week with temps in the mid to upper 70’s, even breaking into the 80’s. That is pretty insane for January, but I’ll take it. Hopefully this doesn’t mean this summer will be temps in the 110’s…


Tuesday’s ride was 3 sets of 8 minute Steady State intervals with 6 minutes of rest between. I knocked these out on Betty down at the park doing laps on the 1 mile dirt loop. While the ride isn’t all that exciting, it is a great place to do this kind of riding. Turnin’ Cranks as I usually refer to it, I can slap in some ear buds and jam out while getting my time in. It’s rare that anyone is out there and I’ll only occasionally see someone out there jogging or walking their dog. I feel much safer than road riding and I can still get in consistent training levels!

Thursday’s ride was more of the same. I stretched that ride out a little longer to help me make sure I could hit my 6 hour per week riding goal. All in all, for both days, my legs felt great and I felt that I was really putting out solid effort in my intervals. In analyzing Strava’s estimated power numbers, I am showing improvement, even putting up my highest ever short term power numbers (5 & 10 minutes), which I feel are the most representative for this kind of ride.


On Saturday I snuck out for a short spin on nearby trails to buffer my time a little. This was just a standard ride effort and I didn’t push hard to give myself plenty of recovery for my planned big ride of the week on Sunday.

For Sunday, I planned to head out to Rocky Hill Ranch to pre-ride the Cat 3 loop, get a feel for my pacing, as well as put in a good long ride.


I got up early, packed up and headed out. I hit the trails about 9AM and rode with a buddy who is also racing out there in 2 weeks. Our plan was to do the race loop at about 80-90% race pace and then follow that up with a 25 mile loop of the rest of the trails. I was feeling awesome and I pushed a little harder than the 80% target, probably hitting between 90 and 95% of my race pace loop.

Interestingly enough, even at our perceived 90% race pace loop, I still beat my actual race time from last year’s Rocky Hill Roundup by about 8 minutes. That gives me a lot of confidence for a strong showing at the race in 2 weeks. I’m still developing my actual race strategy, but I’m feeling good about my chances to finish strong in this race, and dare say I could podium depending on how many strong racers show up that I don’t know about.

We didn’t end up doing a full 25 mile loop after our race loop. I could tell that we were both pretty tired and neither of us wanted to risk a crash due to tired bodies, so we cut the loop short and headed for the truck.

I got back in Austin in time to run by the bike shop to drop off Betty for her tune up, clean up, and basic pre-race prep. I’m going to be switching to a 1×10 drive chain setup with a 32T cog up front. I’m adding an MRP Chainguide. Also found out that my drive side bearings are shot in the bottom bracket, so replacing those, swapping out rear brake pads. Basically getting the gal as race ready as possible by first race day.

I also have a bike fitting scheduled for this Thursday. I want to make sure that I’m dialed in fit wise as I am also planning on starting to upgrade some other parts such as stem, handlebars and seat post. Looking for ways to shed some weight where I can. I would love to get the bike under 26lbs with some easy upgrades, we’ll see…

So two weeks to go before Race 1. I’m feeling good and looking forward to the race! This coming week will be a challenge to get my 6 hours in as my weekend ride time will be limited next week due to having family in town and other family obligations. Gonna try to squeeze it in anyway!

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