Week 1 Training Results

I hate riding on a trainer as much as I hate that

I hate riding on a trainer as much as I hate that

Well, the first week of training is now in the books. I started the week off on Monday with a spin at the local park. I kept it in zones 3 and 4 for about an hour. Tuesday was my first Interval workout and due to weather, I was forced to try out the CycleOps trainer that I just bought.

Let me just say this right now, spinning on a trainer sucks balls. I hope the weather allows me to get my rides in because if I have to spend too much time on this contraption, I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull off the training I have planned.

I had planned to do an hour with 8 minute intervals, but all I could stomach was 40 minutes… Torture!

Fortunately Thursday allowed for a ride. I hit the road for an hour. I’m going to have to try adjusting the saddle as it doesn’t take long before my rear end is hurting. Not to mention that parts on the nether region start going numb and that is just not a pleasant sensation at all.

Saturday I was finally able to hit the dirt. I put in a 2.5 hr ride in the dirt in excellent conditions. I didn’t go for any PR’s and just planned to keep steady for the full ride. I finished up extremely drained, but feeling good.

Unfortunately that was to be the last of my riding for the week. But I didn’t have my 6 hours riding goal and I really wanted to hit it, so last night I busted out another 45 minutes of torture on the trainer so I could hit my goal.

First race is 3 weeks out and I need to be as consistent as I can over these next few weeks. I want to make a good showing at this first race and prove to myself that I’m not being delusional in my goals of a top 5 series finish for 2013.

I’m planning on taking the bike into the bike shop either later this week or early next week to have a full tune up performed. I’m also going to go ahead and ditch my front shifter and go 1×10 for races. Currently I have a 36 tooth big ring so I think I’ll drop down to a 34. I’m tempted to go with 32 but I want to make sure I don’t cheat myself too much on the upper end.

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