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Well, this is going to be a short and sweet entry.  This week was a short on time week.  The wife was out of town all week, which meant I was solo with the kids.  Couple that with having some work deadlines to meet and that meant that I had no time to get outside and ride the bike.

The only rides this week were on the trainer for 3 nights.  Less than 3 hours total on the bike, and it was torture.

But still, if I have any hope of salvaging my race season, it was torture I felt I had to endure.

I too headed out of town on Friday to join my wife in NYC, which also meant missing the Comfort race.  It also meant I would be off the bike altogether for 4 days.

Between the shitty training capacity over the last 2 weeks, missed opportunity to train and inability to get any real training in before the next important races, I felt I couldn’t not jump on the trainer.

Probably the one thing that really hit home as far as forcing myself onto the trainer for 3 days straight was this graph:


What you are looking at here is the Performance Management Chart from A buddy of mine turned me onto the site, and this chart in particular to point out how quickly not riding can affect your fitness, and ultimately your performance.

The blue line is the Chronic Training Load, which also supposedly fairly accurately reflects your current fitness level.

See how that blue line drops off quite a bit through the months of December and January?  Basically, that shows how my fitness dropped over the holiday time period due to inactivity.  Even a few days ‘off the bike’ can seriously impact your fitness levels.

Had I not gotten myself onto the trainer for those 3 days last week, my fitness would have potentially dropped significantly, negating quite a bit of training that I have done so far this year.


This chart also drives home that I have got to get out and ride more if I expect to really improve any more.  As it is, my 4ish hours per week is only maintaining my current fitness levels.  I need to get back to my goal of 6+ hours per week like I was able to at the end of January when the gains were so pronounced.

According to this chart, my fitness levels are roughly equivalent to where they were back in the fall.  My performances thus far in the 2013 races back that up as well.  And to put it bluntly, that ain’t gonna cut it…

Either I’ll just say F it and scratch any hope of placing in the state series, or I’ve got to find a way to get more time on the bike.

I’ll admit that I’ve been battling a bit of F it attitude over the last few days.  It seems impossible to find a way to consistently find 6 hours per week to ride the bike.  Especially on race weeks when I’m already devoting a whole day to biking.  Asking the wife to allow me to spend another 3 hours the other day of the weekend to get in my training is just asking for trouble…

So what’s a guy to do?  It is becoming harder and harder to keep a positive outlook and I’ve been falling more into the F it and give up thought process, which really, really bums me out.

For now I will keep at it and hopefully my cardio will allow me to train hard again.  With this severely limited ride schedule, high intensity interval training is really my only option to pull off any fitness gains.

Next week is the Mellow Johnny’s Classic at Flat Creek Crossing Ranch.  Last year I finished 32 out of about 50 people.  My original goal was a top 3 finish at this race, but now I have adjusted that to a more conservative top 7.   Depending on who all comes out to race, I may be lucky to get a top 7…

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