The Waco Race – Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association 2013

Link to full SuperD run –

February 16, 2013 – The Waco Race was held at Cameron Park in Waco. This was the 2nd mountain bike race in the TMBRA state series.

The week prior to this race I entered the SuperD at Rocky Hill Ranch and for over 5 minutes was at or above my maximum heart rate. Something happened that day that set me back quite a bit for nearly 4 weeks. After that effort I had trouble maintaining my regular heart rate under normal riding conditions. Cardio was definitely having issues, which I talk about more here:

I do plan on visiting a doctor very soon to have a regular check up and a stress test done, and see a cardiologist if the doc recommends it.

In the meantime, I am pretty much back to 100% although I’ve been set back about 4 weeks in my training due to the event.

You can read more about my race here:

This is the 2th race in the 2013 Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association state series.

Race 1: Rocky Hill Ranch : (8th)
Race 2: The Waco Race : (16th)
Race 3: STORM Hill Country Challenge – Did not attend
Race 4: Mellow Johnny’s Classic – (8th)

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