Shredding (tires)

Not too much to report this week. Had a couple of road rides to keep the training going and then tried for a couple of laps at Pace Bend on Saturday.

Roadie Cooper is a roadie

Roadie Cooper is a roadie

I found this pretty interesting. When I went out for my ride last Tuesday, there were numerous contrails all heading nearly directly west. I found it amusing.

Head west, young man!

Head west, young man!

Unfortunately on the first drop from the top of Well Worth It, I heard the all too familiar PSSSSHHHH of a sidewall tear. I try for a little bit to see if the Stan’s will seal it, but to no avail. Putting any amount of pressure in the tire noisily blows out the Stan’s sealant. I decide to put my tube in before I use all of my CO2. I get the tube in and begin airing up. Everything looks good until the tire starts violently loosing pressure again… Uh oh… Did I just noob it up and forget to check for pokey things stuck in the tire? Yup, probably so.

At this point, it doesn’t matter because I only have the one tube, and only 1, now empty, can of CO2. Looks like I’ll be hiking out!

Good thing it was a beautiful day, and fortunately it only ended up being about a mile and a half hike.

I am mostly disappointed with my lack of getting to ride. I was going to go for 2 laps at high tempo to try to give myself an idea of what a CAT2 race would be like.

I had been talking with Kirby just that morning about sidewalls, tires, and my need to get some new rubber on my wheels. According to Strava, my current tires have 950 miles on them. That’s 950 hard rocky, sharp, Texas hill country limestone miles. I’m actually pretty impressed they have lasted this long!

Stans fail

Stans fail

I actually already had new replacement tires in the garage, ready to go, for when this time came. My Ignitor on the front still shows a fair bit of wear left so I’m tempted to leave it on and only replace the rear Crossmark. I guess we’ll see how much time I have this week for doing a tire swap and setup.

So this coming Saturday is the race at Bluff Creek Ranch in Warda. It’s going to be a challenging course for me as it has little elevation change, and appears to be an all out hammerfest. Winning times last year come in around the 35 minute mark. That’s crazy! Averaging 14mph on a mountain bike trail is a little excessive.

I have never ridden out there and am going to try to get out for a pre-ride this coming Thursday, so I guess I’ll be more educated soon!

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