Preparing for Big Cedar

In the 2 weeks between Pace Bend and Big Cedar, a lot happened. Not so much when it comes to cycling, but life interruptions that threatened to make me miss the Big Cedar race.

I was really wanting to make Big Cedar, because quite frankly, I’m running out of opportunities to get my 8 races in for the State Series. Big Cedar was supposedly a tight course with some punchy climbs so that would be good for my style of riding.

I hoped for a top 5 finish to help my place in the standings in by both either getting me closer to being able to bump Jeff Jordan, or at least cementing my position behind him. As it stands, I am going to need to squirrel out and get at least a couple of top 4 finishes to be able to sneak into 6th place in the state series, and make sure to get good finishes to ensure a 7th place finish.

The week after Pace Bend saw a couple of good interval training rides, and then a short trip to Houston for the birth of my new nephew, who I have decided to nick name Pace in honor of him allowing me to make the Pace Bend race by being late!

Additionally, I got out on Thursday before leaving town for Houston for a ride on the Greenbelt with Kirby.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Barton Creek Greenbelt

In Houston, while killing time with the kiddos, I took my brother-in-laws Schwinn hybrid for a spin. He also has a kid trailer, which I was able to throw the 2yo in and cruise around.

I will say, my brother-in-law has a pretty sweet setup in Kingwood. The bike paths there are amazing! The whole area is laid out perfectly and you can get to all sorts of places by the bike paths. I’m pretty envious of that!

Cruising with the Grommets

Cruising with the Grommets

Upon returning home, I got out for another Greenbelt ride. I rode really well that day and had my first ever ‘No Dab’ while climbing Mulch Hill. I then proceeded to kill it while climbing Sweet 16 as well.

The one downside to the ride was that while on Cheese Grater, I managed to dump the bike. Right onto my rear derailleur. Hard. When it hit, I instantly was concerned that I may have damaged something, and upon turning the pedals, my fears were confirmed. My derailleur was in the spokes and required some pretty hefty pulling to bend the hanger out enough to allow everything to spin clearly.

Fortunately, everything shifted sufficiently and I was able to finish my ride. When I got home I replaced the hanger with my last spare and tweaked the derailleur to get everything shifting smoothly again.

I finished out the week with a couple more road rides before getting everything ready and heading up to Dallas for the Big Cedar race.

I arrived on Friday, and after awaiting Kirby to get there, we headed out on a pre-ride lap to check out the course. The trees were tight, the dirt was loose, and the trail was twisty. It was going to make for an interesting race and I was very thankful that I managed to get away a day early to pre-ride the course. Not pre-riding could have been disastrous for race day.

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  1. David Cervera says:

    That snake Steve Dawson , am I right, the cheater, team PACC? You should of reported that to Tobin. That’s low. I mean to cheat in a amateur race that’s supposed to be fun. What a slime!!! He knew it was wrong, dudes a 40 year old grown man. It didn’t effect me, but that kind of unsportsmanlike conduct pisses me off!!
    Way to put the hammer down Cooper!! Awesome job!!!

    • Yup!

      I really called him out during the race and he pulled off to the side to ‘get back in his place’. Still pretty crummy thing to do.

  2. David C says:

    Well good on ya!! For,calling him out. Yet, yes it’s a crummy thing. Makes me wander with all the twisting turns at Abilene, if he didn’t succeed in cutting the course there. LOL!!

  3. David Cervera says:

    Prolly most likely did. Dudes not fast at all, and all of a sudden he’s got a first.
    He did come out of no where and just passed me.

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