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Last week I made it out for the local short track series race at City Park (Emma Long). The format is a timed short lap race, with each lap being about a mile in length. The B race is as many laps as you can begin* within 45 minutes.

The race is held at the most technically challenging trail around Austin and is the location where I achieved my one and only 1st place finish at El Deguello last November.

This is a true mountain biking course and I am very excited for the local race series. I just wish I could make more of the races. Being on Tuesday nights, it makes it impossible for me to make more than a couple of the race nights.

At any rate, I entered both the C and B races. The C race was going well for me, with my pacing along with the leader until about 2/3’s of the way through the race and I got a large gash in my tire.

Fortunately, I was able to hustle over to the guys at ATX Bikes, who were able to plug the gash and allow me to ride in the B race as well.

I didn’t really know what to expect in a ‘higher’ category of racing, so I went out a little conservative. I ended up mid pack or so and in the thick of things in the bottlenecks of the trail on the first lap.

My first lap had me at about 9:30 whereas the rest of my laps were in the 8 minute range. Next time out I’ll push a bit harder on the sprint to the trail to get a bit further up in the pack and hopefully avoid more of the traffic.

In the end I finished 11th of 20 ‘true’ B racers (there were about 10 A racers who started with the B racers). A mid pack finish in my first higher cat race, and I’ll take it =)

I really enjoyed the race and am planning on getting out for the next race next week. Unfortunately that will be the only other race of the series that I’ll be able to make.

Here’s a few pics by J. A. Hicks Photography.

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  1. Nice! Good to know there is a dirt series there as well!

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