New Trinkets!


Finally got my ENVE Sweep Carbon Fiber handlebar over the weekend. I already had my new Easton EA90 stem but I was waiting for the bar to get here before I did the swap.

I put the new bar and stem on Betty last night. She appreciates the new bling! The scales appreciate it too as I was able to get the bike under 26lbs with that upgrade. She now weights in at 25.8lbs! Not too shabby!

Options for further weight reduction will be carbon cranks and considering an upgraded fork. Neither of those are something I’ll be looking at doing anytime soon.


I did get in a good training ride yesterday. I chose to do it on the road for a change. Hammered out 9 2 minute intervals, although I did have difficulty getting my HR up as high as I was wanting. It just wouldn’t increase no matter how hard I pushed!

Later in the day I took the grommets out for a little spin at the local park. Sure is interesting to herd 6 little girls and a 2yo boy around. 5 grommets on bikes, 1 on the pedal trailer behind and the 2yo in the bucket up front!

Next training ride calls for a 2.5hr endurance ride. Not sure how I’m going to squeeze that into my schedule, but I’ll see what I can do!

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