Mountain Biking the Womble Trail

The Womble Trail is a 37 mile point to point trail. We considered shuttling to the North Fork Lake to make the 27 mile return to the Fishing Village but opted to just do an out and back instead.

IMBA has classified the Womble as an IMBA Epic trail. When I asked Todd to give me a 6 word description of the Womble, his answer was “Undeserving disappointing IMBA Epic designated trail”. This comes from someone who has ridden extensively all around the West (Colorado, Utah, etc) as well as Texas.

I wasn’t quite so harsh but my 6 word description is:

“Woodsy all you can eat trail”.

Other than the distance, there isn’t much (that we rode) that really sets this trail as an epic. The elevation changes are not all that dramatic. There are very few ‘scenic’ sights. Once you have ridden the first few miles, the rest is mostly the same.

At any rate, it was still a great ride and makes a good destination ride if you can’t get to more of the big mountain riding out West (CO, UT, etc) or East (NC/Pisgah).

Later in they day I hit the trail solo for another 8 miles heading north of HWY 27. This section was nice and followed the river for a bit before turning north. More elevation change on this portion.

IMBA Epic:
Strava Activity pt 1:
Strava Activity pt 2:

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