Mountain Biking Stanky Creek aka Nesbit Park

July 2013 – Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Stanky Creek is a local mountain biking trail that offers well maintained fast and flowy trails.

I was on my way back to Austin, Texas from North Carolina when we decided to stay the night in Memphis. I quickly looked up a few of the local trails and decided to try this trail.

The trail system is located within Memphis, on the northeast side of town. I would consider this a metropolitan park and it is akin to Austin’s own Walnut Creek in both disposition and trail features. Although I would venture to say that Walnut Creek in Austin offers a bit more variety and features than Stanky Creek.

I got to the trail around 6:30AM on a Tuesday morning. Unsurprisingly, I was the only person there when I arrived.

The trail as a whole is very well maintained. Smooth and flowy, the trail offers ample opportunity to really open it up and ride like the wind.

Sadly, the trail doesn’t offer much in the way of variety. Once you’ve ridden the first mile or so, you’ve pretty much seen what the rest of the trail has to offer. There is very little elevation change, and very few features to speak of. There are some roots to navigate, a couple of creek crossings and a few short up and downs.

If ever there was a trail system that would be greatly improved with some well planned, man made features, this is it. And it appears they are working towards that as well. There is one nice drop that I did not try (seen at 01:14 in the video), as well as several ladder bridges and a couple of up and overs.

(Here’s how not to do that drop:

All in all, the trail is definitely a nice trail to have within town. If I lived nearby, I could see myself riding here regularly, but I would not call it a ‘destination trail’ as I would be looking for something a little more challenging, and more variety to offer.

The trail is great for beginners. More advanced riders will find fun in the trail by really opening it up and working on railing the turns. Stay off the brakes and let ‘er rip!

Additionally, there is a very nice dirt jump area on the eastern side of the trail, but I did not venture onto this area. A trip to the hospital was not what I was looking for =)

I believe they have some races at this trail, including state/regional XC races. I would imagine it would be an all out hammerfest with average speeds well above 15mph.

It was a fun ride and I’m always excited to ride new trails!

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