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In July of 2013 I was in western North Carolina for some family business. I took my bike planning to get in as much riding in Pisgah as possible.

Unfortunately the weather would have none of it. The summer of 2013 has been a very wet one for western North Carolina with almost daily rains, often very heavy rains.

As such, many of the area trails were a mess and totally unridable. However, a slight break in the weather gave a day for the trails to dry somewhat. After consulting with some locals, it sounded like Bent Creek would be the best bet to get a ride in.

A fellow Texas rider from Houston that I know (dirterDarryl on Youtube: also happened to be in Asheville at the same time. The two of us coordinated and planned to meet up at Bent Creek early one morning.

We got there and hit the trails for a wonderful 17 mile loop around the Bent Creek area, hitting some sweet, sweet singletrack.

There was a decent amount of climbing and it had me wondering if my Texas 1×10 would be a good choice for regular riding in the area, but the climbs really weren’t so bad. The worst was the climb up Ingles Field Gap all the way to the top of Green’s Lick at 5 points.

The climb was a 3 mile, 1,000ft climb which was made more interesting with a little mud and wet roots. Around Texas, a 3 mile climb is pretty hard to find, but once we settled into a good gear, we just spun our way up.

The Green’s Lick descent was super fun. Berms and jumps and just generally riding WFO. It was great! I couldn’t wait to see the video footage that I thought I was capturing! But … ooops… I had accidentally changed my GoPro to picture mode and the only thing I got was my initial start button press at the very top…. dammit!

Ah well, the rest of the ride was super fun as well and if I had another hour to ride, I think we would have climbed back to the top for another downhill run.

It was a great ride and I will definitely ride it again in the future when the opportunity presents itself!

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