Boy, these twice a week interval sessions are getting old, and hard to stay motivated for. So I decided to change it up a bit this week just for a little break.

On Tuesday, I broke out the road bike and was planning to just do a steady state 90 minute ride or so. Unfortunately about 45 minutes into the ride, my rear tire decided to turn to shreds which brought the ride to a stop.

I called up a buddy who has been training for a triathlon in May. We’ve been trying to hook up for a ride for months but things just never seemed to work out. We finally had a chance to hit the pavement together.

Things started out well and I was hanging with him. I doubt he was really pushing hard but I was feeling good regardless =)

I had noticed that I was getting a slight bump bump bump from the rear tire, but paid it no heed. Ooops… Eventually the tire blew out. We had a spare tube, but no boot. We shredded the punctured tube to create a rubber boot and then limped 1/4 mile to a nearby bike shop where I had an F1 tire exchange.

Continental Ultra GatorSkin

Unfortunately, by the time this was all done, we needed to head back due to kid duties/etc. Ah well, at least now I have a new tire on the back wheel!

Wednesday was no ride planned, but I had finally scheduled a doctor appointment. I went in for a checkup and to talk about the issues I was having back in February. After some discussion the doctor didn’t really have an answer, but wasn’t worried that I was in any serious health trouble. We did an EKG just to be sure and I have been referred to a cardiologist for some additional testing, just to be sure.

Not my actual EKG

Not my actual EKG

I also got a prescription for an inhaler as I have lately been really suffering from Exercise Induced Asthma. In short, I had been suffering from heavy coughing for a period of time after hard efforts. It could last anywhere from a couple of hours to into the next day. It was a minor annoyance, but with the inhaler, it should go away completely.

Today I headed out to Pace Bend to do a fast pace timing loop, just to see where I stood on the race loop. I had a good ride, but not going to go into too much details here until after the race next month =) Let’s just say while I was very happy to see I had made immense gains from last year, it’s still not enough for me to finish where I want to in the race.


I was able to give the inhaler a test after my ride and I must say it was great to not have the coughing fits after the hard paced ride!

This weekend I’ll be out of town and unable to put in serious training time. I’m going to take the bike to get in some saddle time, but I’m not so sure it’ll be the quality bike time that I’m supposed to get this week.

For all the screwing off this week, next week I’m going to have to pick it back up again and hit it hard in an effort to make some gains before the Pace Bend race which is a short 3 weeks away.

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