Video – Mellow Johnny’s Classic – 2013

March 2, 2013 – Mellow Johnny’s Classic is held at Flat Creek Crossing Ranch, a great trail and race venue near Johnson City, Texas. The course has some technical aspects, a couple of good (for Texas) climbs and some great riding.

My first MTB race was on this course 1 year ago. Through a lot of riding and training, I’ve come a long way from finishing 32nd of 52 last year.

I’m coming off of some downtime from hard riding and training and felt good, although not as strong as usual. You can read more about it here:

This is the 4th race in the 2013 Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association state series.

Race 1: Rocky Hill Ranch : (8th)
Race 2: The Waco Race : Video coming (16th)
Race 3: STORM Hill Country Challenge – Did not attend
Race 4: Mellow Johnny’s Classic – (8th)

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