Hermosa Tours – Durango to Moab Day 5

Back in Spring of 2012, my buddy Todd and I decided to plan a trip to mountain bike from Durango, Colorado to Moab, Utah. The trip would take 6 days, over 220 miles and 24,000 ft of climbing.

We hired the services of Hermosa Tours to ferry our gear from camp to camp and made our way on the journey.

After the brutality of Day 4, we were both hurting a bit and not really looking forward to the expected 40ish miles and 5,000 ft of climbing that was on the docket.

After talking with our guide, he told us of an alternate route that would cut our ride in half, although it would require going up a much less traveled trail that was barely on any of our maps.

We decided to risk it and get a break on Day 5 to give us a little recovery time for Day 6 and The Whole Enchilada.

The day started out beautifully. Our initial riding took us through some gorgeous country and we started heading farther up into the mountains. We saw some wildlife, including some nice mule deer but any elk sightings still eluded me.

We rode along, checking maps and trying not to miss our turn.

It didn’t matter though, we finally realized we had missed our turn and had to double back a few miles. Only after using our Garmin could we locate where the trail was supposed to be.

Unfortunately the trail was completely overgrown and making out the trail was difficult. Not only that, but it was rutted out and tore up so badly that for the most part we couldn’t even ride.

We pushed our bikes when we couldn’t ride and eventually came to an ATV trail that was in much better shape. It appeared the ATV trail followed the original trail up the mountain so we mounted up and followed.

The trail turned out to be not so bad after that and we made decent time.

The weather decided to finally turn on us a bit and we encountered some rain and hail, although it wasn’t too bad. Once we donned our rain gear, it was only a minor nuisance.

We continued along and finally made our way to Geyser Pass Road which meant we were nearing our destination for the day.

We found camp and Todd promptly pitched his tent and crawled inside for a long nap.

I on the other hand sniffed out that there was some sweet singletrack nearby that had to be tasted. And I’ll have to say, it was some fantastic trail! It is called Moonlight Meadows and up to that point was the most awesome bit of singletrack I had ever encountered.

You can find a raw video of the footage from Moonlight Meadows here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIHn4re-oRo

Hermosa Tours – http://www.hermosatours.net/
Web Album – https://picasaweb.google.com/110942279729471311996/DurangoToMoab2012

Day 1 Video – http://youtu.be/iaHy_tmF-io
Day 2 Video – http://youtu.be/EMAStys6V9Y
Day 3 Video – http://youtu.be/eV_gOR3uABw
Day 4 Video – http://youtu.be/fm4Rwb9o2_k
Day 5 Video – http://youtu.be/av6HPXHPYgw
Moonlight Meadow Raw – http://youtu.be/fIHn4re-oRo

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