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It wasn’t too long ago that I saw someone complaining on Facebook about how they were tired of riding Austin area trails.  They were lamenting that they were not in Colorado or the Pacific North West and how we just have sucky trails.

I nearly fell over…

Do they not know, as mountain bikers, how completely awesome we have it here in Austin?  We have literally hundreds of miles of trails in and around Austin.  Yes, a large percentage of those trails are rocky, limestone filled trails, but there is also plenty of other options.

Want to do exotic slickrock granite riding?  Load up and head to Reveille Peak Ranch for some truly unique hill country riding.

Want to ride fast and flowy through tall pine forest?  Head east to Rocky Hill Ranch or over to Bluff Creek Ranch in Warda.

Take it easy for a fun spin?  Head to Walnut Creek.

Looking for gnar, rock crawling and technical challenge?  Look at Barton Creek Greenbelt back trails or City Park.

Sure, we don’t have long sustained descents, but that also means we don’t have long sustained climbs either.

While it is easy to get 1k feet of climbing per 10 miles, you will get it scattered throughout your ride instead of all at the front.

Having ridden a fair amount of trails around the country, and seen how far some people have to drive to get to ride, I can say I am very thankful for what we have here in Austin.

We have spectacular trail options, and lots of them.  There is variety and quantity and trails of varying degrees of difficulty for all riders.

As a mountain biker, I am so happy to live in Austin!  We have it so good here and I hope all local mountain bikers realize that and don’t ever take our Austin area trails for granted!

Here is a list I have put together of surrounding trails that I know of, and the ones I’ve ridden and that I still have yet to try!

Austin Area Trails

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