Dam Loop, Dirt Remedy and Feeling Sluggish

View of Austin

View of Austin

On Father’s Day, I snuck out in the wee hours of the morning and did my first ever ‘Dam Loop’, a 42 mile loop around the Lake Austin. It’s a pretty popular route for the roadies and I had been wanting to try it out, but just hadn’t taken the time. Typically when I have 3 hours to ride, I’ll go hit some good dirt somewhere, but a neighbor talked me into a road ride this morning.

We took it pretty easy, keeping effort well below threshold. I hadn’t done a road ride like this so I wasn’t sure what to expect really. So a nice and easy ride worked out well. In the end it was an enjoyable ride and one I’d do more often if I was kept off of dirt!

Tuesday rolled around and I was able to get away to head out to City Park for the Dirt Remedy races. I raced in both the C and B races. I played it conservatively in the C race and didn’t really push myself, planning to save gas for the B race. Well, along comes the B race and after the first lap, I just didn’t have any gas left. So… I saved myself and finished poorly in the C race, but then still had no gas and stunk it up in the B race… Lesson learned, pick a race and hammer that one, or try to do two and suck in both of them!

Anyway, the DR races were fun and I was glad I got to get out and race again. This will be the last DR race I’ll be able to make so I really was looking forward to getting out and enjoying a race at City Park.

One of the cool things about DR is that it really strokes my vanity to have a photographer out snapping multiple pictures of us =) I need to pick out a few to buy to support the photographer!

In trying to keep up with getting my time in the saddle, I headed out for a 2 hour road ride on Thursday. Unfortunately time was running short, so I had to shorten the ride. I went out for a 2×20 in Zone 4 and boy was it killer! I actually stopped towards the end of my second interval for a break as I was just dying! Perhaps it is the heat or humidity, but whatever it is, it sucks!

I really hope I get my legs back soon! Only 4 more weeks until ORAMM!

Oh, and I noticed this lovely piece of fortune while swapping out my rear brake pads before Dirt Remedy on Saturday:

Another chainstay bites the dust!

Another chainstay bites the dust!

Maybe if I would stop treating my lightweight race bike like a beefy all mountain bike I’d stop having to replace the chainstay every 6 months…

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