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No, I’m not going to be riding the Breck Epic this year, but the planned courses are of particular interest as Todd and I have not picked out our destination for our mountain biking trip next month.

At any rate, I wanted to save the posted Breck Epic info in case it disappears into the nether!

2013 Courses

We’ll fill you in on aid station locations and mileages when you get here, but if it’s GPS data on the official 2013 courses you want, come and get it –

Stage One – Pennsylvania Creek – 36.06 miles/5509′

Stage Two – Colorado Trail – 38.06 miles/5312′

Stage Three – Mt. Guyot – 38.28 miles/7740′

Stage Four – Aqueduct (Keystone) – 43.41 miles/6539′

Stage Five – Wheeler (Here there be monsters. Also, there’s a 1-mile intro NOT INCLUDED IN THIS FILE.) 30.2 miles/5131′

Stage Six – Gold Dust – 31.74 miles/3573′

Stage Seven – The Gold Pan Saloon (a post awards banquet drinking-only stage)


EQUIPMENT NOTES (from Rich Banach, co-owner of our longtime tech and wrench partner, Avalanche Sports):


Greetings riders! We’ve compiled just a few notes from our years of wrenching on Epic race bikes and thought that we’d pass them along for you to chew on as you begin your final prep for the race.

  1. Arm your bike with tires offering sidewall protection. Light is not always the best in this situation (it’s rocky here). Tires that we found work best are:  Kenda Slant 6, Small Block 8 and Karma Pro. Maxxis Ardent (EXO or UST).  Continental Mountain or Trail King (Race King if you must have very light.)  Without naming brands, we’ve seen many lightweight setup catastrophes. Sidewall cuts are the end of your day and sealant won’t fill the chasm!  We’re happy to inflate tubeless tires for a reasonable fee, but with apologies, it’s a very busy week and we will not lend out our air compressor. 
  2. If you’re racing a bicycle with a whole list of proprietary parts meaning special bottom brackets, headsets, headsets integrated with forks, it would be wise to have the condition of these components checked prior to arrival (some examples are Specialized S works and Cannondale Scalpel). It’s difficult to track down bearings for these systems, and impossible to have your lefty overhauled. Come prepared!
  3. We stock just about every brake pad on modern machines; however, if you have an obscure Magura, Formula, or some one off Acros model, you may want to have those pads checked, or just bring a spare couple sets.
  4. Speaking of race enders, a few of the new house-brand carbon wheels are a real roll of the dice.  A racer involved in the Breck 100 last week drove from Denver and the altitude jump burst his tire and shattered the rim. We’ve seen many mishaps with certain house brand carbon wheels in the Epic. Again, we don’t want to throw anyone under the bus – if you want more details (or info on a service plan for the week) please call us.
  5. Stan’s wheels are a good bet, Arch EX, or Crest for the weight conscious. ZTR race/podium will suffer some serious wear by the end of the week, but probably not a race ender.

On the topic of wheels, there are many other great hoops out there that are perfectly worthy. There are some however that are known to pop a spoke once in a while – if you know that you own a set of these, plan on bringing spare parts. The terrain here is moderate and not very technical, but parts of the course are rocky. If your bike or its components have an engineering or design flan, the Epic will reveal it.


Hopefully we haven’t scared you away! Trust us – you’re in for a great week. If you’d like to get in touch to have us help pre-flight your race set up, give us a shout at one of our two Breck locations!


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