Blown Week 3

Well, I guess totally blown wouldn’t be fully correct, although it did turn out to be a light week.

Tuesday and Thursday were planned interval rides. This time Over/Under intervals on the road bike. I managed to ride these and felt great doing it. Training going according to plan.

Between Tuesday and Thursday I only had about 2.5 hours in for the week. The coming weekend was going to be light due to having family in town, but I had hopes to be able to somehow pull off a miracle somewhere and get some good time in.

Well, that didn’t really materialize, but I was able to squeeze in a short afternoon ride on Superbowl Sunday.

So I had dropped Betty off at the shop last week to have a tune up and make over. I also dropped my front derailleur and went with a 1×10 setup. After much deliberation I decided to go with a 32 tooth front chain ring to go with the 11-36 cog cassette in the back. I finished out the upgrade with an MRP chainguide.

My one short ride on Sunday was my first shot a riding the new setup and I must say that it went well! I can see where this setup wouldn’t be ideal for a lot of road miles, but I sure don’t want to be putting in a ton of road miles on Betty anyway, so all’s good.

32T x 11-36

32T x 11-36

According to this tool, with 32T-11×36, at 80RPM cadence, I will be running about 20mph. I tested that on my ride on Sunday and found it to be spot on. I only spun out when going downhill on a major paved road. I’ll take it!

Of course, the real test will come this Sunday when I hit the dirt for the first race of the season!

In addition to getting the 1×10 setup and tune up, I also replaced my rear brake pads, and the bike shop recommended I replace my bottom bracket which had been creaking for a while.

Other than that, I have put in some fresh Stan’s, and other than a wash and lube, I’ll be ready to go for Sunday!

I have to admit that I am very anxious about the first race. I have gone back and forth on wondering what the race will be like and what my strategy should be.

My biggest concern are the 2 big climbs of the race. The first is right off the bat and is a solid climb. After 250ft gain in a mile and a half, the trail is some good flowy stuff. I need to have 2 things happen on that initial climb. I need to not blow up, and I need to keep with the leaders. If I can do that through the top of the climb, I feel like I’ll be sitting pretty.

I have no doubt I can hold my own through the meat of the trail and my only next concern comes with the final climb of the day, which is a punchy 12% grade, 60ft or so of ascent over 1/10 of a mile. From past rides at RHR, this climb kicks my butt. It’s very close to the end of the loop, is steep, and loose. I know I’m going to be hurting on this one, but I just want to fight through the pain and make it over the top with good momentum to carry me through to the end.

So this week I’ll have a bike fitting on Tuesday, followed by a spin to keep the legs fresh. Thursday will be intervals and then the weekend will be here. Super D race on Saturday and XC race on Sunday.

Go for the gold!

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