Beautiful, tragic Fall

Other than my RPR100k race report, I’ve been fairly quiet about posting new entries. Things have been pretty busy, but I’ve been capitalizing on all the beautiful weather we’ve been having. Fall in Austin is typically pretty short, with only a few wonderful weeks between the final heat of summer and the oncoming cold of winter.

I did all I could to take advantage of every possible moment on the trails.

Beautiful day at Reveille Peak Ranch

Beautiful day at Reveille Peak Ranch

This Fall Austin has also seen some torrential downpours. Some of my favorite trail segments have been devastated and many will never be the same again. Sweet 16 on the Greenbelt is forever changed due to the 12″ deluge that poured right on top of it one night. Completely changed. But the trail will come back. The new trail will morph from the old and hopefully be as fun and interesting as ever.

Sweet 16 carnage

Sweet 16 carnage

In very tragic news, recently there was another cyclist death on the road. Morgan Marold was killed on a section of pavement that I ride every single ride. It usually gives some amount of settled nerves when one can point to a specific fault of why a cyclist is killed, but in this circumstance, it seems that just pure bad luck may have been at play.

Morgan was riding on a stretch of road where the speed limit is 45 mph, and there is a nice 6 foot shoulder to ride on. She lost control of her bike when she had a blow out and fell into traffic, being struck, and ultimately killed.

For some reason, it is more unnerving to me that there isn’t some ‘thing’ to blame for this one. No fault of the cyclist, no inattentive driver. It is a reminder that your number could be pulled at any time.

For a couple of weeks I didn’t throw my leg over the road bike. But the more I thought on it, the more I wasn’t going to let it stop me. Morgan can’t ride any more. Lots of people can’t ride anymore. Who the hell was I to let being scared of ‘life’ stop me from riding? So I didn’t and I finally got out and did a road ride the day after Morgan’s memorial ride and Ghost Bike introduction.

Morgan Marold Ghost Bike

Morgan Marold Ghost Bike

Rest well, Morgan, and even though I didn’t know you, you’ve inspired me to ride every ride to it’s fullest.

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