Back Early – No ORAMM …

Well, turns out that I wasn’t able to stay in North Carolina as long as I had planned. That’s not really a bad thing other than missing ORAMM and not really getting in as much Pisgah riding as I had hoped.

On the flip side, I did managed to finagle my way into getting in rides on both legs of the journey. On the way out, I rode Montgomery Bell State Park outside of Nashville, Tennessee and on the way back I hit up Stanky Creek Trails aka Nesbit Park in Memphis.

I did get a couple of rides in North Carolina and I’ll go into those more in future posts.

The new Niner Jet9 is working out wonderfully and it was great on the rides I’ve had so far. The true test will come when I start maneuvering through our more technical local trails. The ‘endo’ factor is my only real concern at this point as I’ve given up 2 inches wheel to wheel, as well as inclined my posture more.

While I’m pretty disappointed to miss out on the opportunity to ride ORAMM (and even more irked at the waste of money), I guess not seeing this is a possible upside:

Just a casual stroll in the forest

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