All Bets are Off

I’ve secretly been collecting parts and pieces to convert my old 26″ Stumpjumper hardtail into a single speed fun ride. The ole Stumpy had rim brakes, and mid grade components. Seemed like a fun little side project to pick up parts to convert to disc brakes, tubeless tires and finally, into a single speed machine!

I’ve been accumulating used and new parts for several months and the final shipment came in last week to complete the conversion.

Friday night after the kids were down, I headed out to the garage to work on the task.

2 hours later and everything was done! I still have some fine tuning to be done, particularly to bleed the brakes and get those dialed in, but also with getting these Kenda Slant Six tires to hold tubeless.

At any rate, the conversion went well, but when I came in from the garage, all the house lights were off and wifey was in bed. Uh oh, that doesn’t bode well.

Sure enough, my ‘disappearance’ into the garage sparked off a heated discussion about how cycling has become such a big part of my life. And more specifically, my race and training aspirations and how the time requirements have been putting a strain on things on the home front.

More pointedly, any races that are more than a couple of hours away make for truly difficult days as my wife often has work obligations that precludes her from being able to help with the kids. Which leaves me with having to watch the kids, miss important races, and generally see my chances of even completing 8 races for the state series looking grim.

I won’t be able to make Solavaca this weekend. And I will also likely miss Pace Bend in 3 weeks. Big Cedar is pretty iffy. Warda I hadn’t even planned on racing due to the nature of the course. Not to mention that it is yet another problematic weekend due to kids/etc.

So guess what, that means there is a good chance I won’t make ANY more of the spring races. Looking to the Fall, I could make 1, MAYBE 2 of those races.

So yeah, I have 4 races completed, and only 3 of those are ‘quality’ finishes. It is not looking likely that I’ll even get 8 races through the whole year, let alone 8 quality finishes.

It is disappointing, not to mention aggravating that it is so difficult, neigh impossible, to get even that small amount of available time. And as long as I hold out hope that I can possibly make races, the greater the disappointment when I don’t get to make them.

It would be so much easier, and less stress, to give it up. To not worry about my racing goals for this year. Obviously that is a painful thought as I’ve already devoted so much to that goal this year.

I’m still not willing to give it up just yet, but I think with forced missing of Solavaca and Pace Bend that I’ll be ready to call it quits. It’ll be all but over at that point anyway…

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