2013 TMBRA Racing

36491130-MellowJohnnysClassic-260Well, 2013 is upon us and it is time to put some goals in riding!

My first and foremost goal of 2013 revolves around the 2013 TMBRA racing series. I’ll be racing in the 40-49 CAT 3 bracket.

For 2013, the format has changed from a spring and fall series to a single year long series. Of 14 races, your top 8 races will be included for your overall standing. I did 4 TMBRA races total in 2012, so my goal is to at least double that this year to take a shot at finishing competitively in the overall 2013 series.

The 2013 race schedule currently looks like this:

Feb. 9-10 Smithville
Feb. 16-17 Waco
Feb. 23-24 Comfort
March 2-3 Mellow Johnnies
March 16-17 Abilene
March 23-24 Big Ring Challenge
April 6-7 Solovaca
April 20-21 Pace Bend
May 4-5 Big Cedar
May 18-19 Warda
Sept. 1 Camp Eagle
Sept. 14-15 Huntsville
Sept. 28-29 Ruston
Oct. 12-13 Tyler

The start of the series is less than 5 weeks away and will be one race after another for 4 weeks straight. That is going to be a struggle to make them, but those are 4 races that I really want to make. We’ll see if I’m able to manage it, although I am fully expectant to miss at least 1 of them due to family commitments.

Now speaking to being a ‘competitive’ finisher… What do I mean by that? Well, I could take the easy road and say I want to be a top 10 finisher. I believe that is a fairly easily attainable goal. Or I could up the ante and say I want to be a top 5 finisher. Which would mean I would need to improve some, but not necessarily a lot, to be a top 5. Or I could push even harder and say top 3 or even finish first!

Well, top 3 or first would be a stretch. It would require a lot of gains in a short amount of time to pull that off. While I feel that I have the heart and dedication to put in the amount of training that I think it would require to manage that, I flat out don’t think I have the time to pull that off. Running a business, supporting a wife running her own business, and raising kids, along with their own school and extra curricular activities… I have a hard time consistently getting in more than 4 hours on the bike per week as it is, and I feel I’d need to at least double that…

So what do I shoot for? I want to make an achievable goal, but I don’t want to sell myself short either. This is really my sweet spot year for making a run for the top. I’ll be one of the youngest riders in the bracket (not that it really makes that much of a difference), and I expect to have to move up to CAT 2 in 2014, which will again put me at the back of the pack and even higher training requirements to be competitive.

So in my mind, this is it. Go for the gold or go home and all that. Go big! As much as I’d like to say I’m going to go for #1, I just do not feel that I could pull that off. So top 3 it is. I’m going to gun for being in the Top 3 for the 2013 series.

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