2012 Recap

Turn of the year and it is time to reflect on my 2012 cycling results.

The beginning of 2012 was a hard one. My mother was murdered in Dec of 2011 and I turned to hitting the trails a my main outlet of getting my mind off of it all. I was out on the trails every possible moment I could be. It was the only time that my mind was tied up enough to not focus on what had just happened. I attribute much of the way I was able to handle all that was happening to time spent on the trails.

That’s not to say that I’m over it or anything, but at least I’m not plagued with what happened to my mom at every waking moment.

Anyway, I’ll leave some of that to a later time. I still don’t like to think about it much…

In other areas, 2012 shaped up to be a banner year of biking for me. I completed 180 hours, nearly 1,500 miles on the bike. Of course over 200 miles of that came in 1 week during my Durango to Moab trip.

I did my first races. My first race was at the Mellow Jonnie’s Classic and then at the Pace Bend and Rocky Hill races. I finished 32, 33 and 34th respectively in the CAT 3, 30-39 division. Not too impressive, but it gave me a taste for racing and got me hooked!

In the Fall I managed to get another 2 TMBRA races and 1 local race, the El Deguello. I fared better in the fall races, placing 5th, 7th and then 1st in the El Deguello. Uh oh, now I’m getting a big head =)

The highlight of 2012 would be the Durango to Moab trip which I still haven’t chronicled here on the site. The weeklong trip with my best friend Todd was a fantastic journey and one I can’t wait to expand on in the coming years.

I also purchased my first full suspension bike, a Kona Hei-Hei, and sold my Specialized Stumpjumper hardtail. The hardtail was faster, but the Kona is a better all around ride.

Kona Hei Hei

I also got in a couple of rides in North Carolina in Pisgah National Forest with my younger brother. That was fantastic as well.

Rented Specialized Epic

Rented Specialized Epic

bentwheel3I also expanded my gear lineup. I bought a GoPro for the trip to Colorado and made the transition to bib shorts. While those riding with me may disagree, I have to admit that I much prefer riding with bibs. No extra fabric to get caught on things, no plumber crack, good support, good chamois, and much cooler in hot weather. I have only ridden without my bibs a couple of times since purchasing these and I don’t forsee myself going back, although I could see wearing a baggy shell from time to time when I’m more worried about looks and less about function (which isn’t often!).

While I had a fair bit of mechanicals towards the end of the year, I was blessed to not have any serious injuries. I hope that bit of luck continues onward.

All in all, 2012 was a fantastic cycling year and I hope 2013 exceeds 2012!

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