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2013 Race Season Recap

This year was my first year to seriously pursue competitive mountain bike racing. At the start of the year, I had put a goal of finishing in the top 3 in the state series. That turned out to be a bit of a stretch given the level of competition, but it was still a great year.

In my efforts to be competitive, I bought a road bike and started riding it regularly for training purposes. The road bike made huge improvements in my fitness levels and facilitated my placings in the races this year. I’ve put over 1100 miles on the road bike this year, and while that’s not a lot by a lot of standards, that’s a fair bit for me. I’ve put in over 223 hours and 2500 total miles so far this year.

Early on I had a bit of a scare at Rocky Hill. Something off with the ticker, or so it seemed. Looks like it was just unfamiliarity with the level of intensity that I was training and racing at. After some rest and more conditioning, I had no further issues.

Unfortunately, this set me back several weeks in my training and put my dreams of a top 3 finisher out of reach. I still managed to finish decently all year long in the TMBRA series and could have placed #5 in the series had I done the Pay Dirt required trail work. I’ll make sure to schedule better to get those extra points for next year.

All in all I would consider my first year in racing a success. I figured out a lot of things, things that work for me and things that don’t. What to watch out for, proper pacing and managing expectations.

I have now capped off my race season with a victory at the RPR100k. Kirby and I doued in the Men’s Masters (over 35) division. It was my longest race ever but we somehow managed a win! Actually that somehow is firmly planted on Kirby’s insane first lap result, but I’ll ride those coat tails today =)

Next season I’ll be moving up to Cat2 which will double all my race distances. New strategies to learn and conquer. I’m not yet ready to put any goals on paper, but I think I’ll fair okay. It will be interesting!

First place, baby!

First place, baby!

2013 Racing Schedule

02/09 Rocky Hill Roundup 8th
02/16 The Waco Race 16th
02/23 STORM Hill Country Challenge –
03/02 Mellow Johnny’s Classic 8th
03/16 Bent Wheel Bash 7th
03/23 Big Ring Challenge –
04/07 Solavaca Cat Claw Challenge –
04/20 Pace Bend Race 5th
05/05 Bicycles Plus Blowout 4th
05/18 The Warda Race 7th
08/01 Camp Eagle Classic –
08/14 Dave Boyd Huntsville Classic 5th
08/28 20th annual Piney Hills Classic –
10/12 Tyler Speedwaves 3rd

2013 State Series Rank: 9th

11/23 Reveille Peak 100 1st!