TMBRA Bent Wheel Bash – Buck Creek Trail – Abilene

Oct 21, 2012
TMBRA Fall Series
Bent Wheel Bash
Men’s Cat 3 35-44

I hadn’t raced since may in the Rocky Hill Roundup (, but I’ve been riding quite a bit through the summer and putting forth some semblance of focused training efforts.

I happened to be in west Texas for a family function so threw the bike in the truck, just in case. Well, I managed to make it out for the race.

The Buck Creek Trails are really fun! Fast, flowy, with a little rocky technical thrown in for good measure. There’s plenty of cactus, and being a native of nearby Sweetwater, I knew well enough to keep an eye out for rattler’s as well.

The field was pretty small at only 12. Given that, my goal was a top 5 finish. Having done a little research of people’s previous years’ times vs. courses I had ridden (Pace Bend Park), I felt that a top 5 was within reach given the improvements I had made in my riding.

Since I wanted top 5, I planned to hit the singletrack in 5th place, which I *thought* I did, but was actually in 6th place. I rode hard and passed a rider early on. One rider did pass me, but I managed to pass him back and hold that position through the rest of the race.

I finished thinking I had placed 4th, but actually placed 5th. Which is fine because that was still within my goal and is now my best place finish to date.

I am really looking forward to the 2013 Spring series to put forth a real attempt at finishing in a competitive position. I’ll need to make further improvements in my racing, but I am planning on turning up the heat on my training through the winter and hit the ground running in February when the first spring series races begin.

Data collected using my Garmin Edge 500 with heart rate monitor
Fancy on screen graphics created using DashWare –

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