Hermosa Tours – Durango to Moab Day 2

See Day 1 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaHy_tmF-io

Back in Spring of 2012, my buddy Todd and I decided to plan a trip to mountain bike from Durango, Colorado to Moab, Utah. The trip would take 6 days, over 220 miles and 24,000 ft of climbing.

We hired the services of Hermosa Tours to ferry our gear from camp to camp and made our way on the journey.

We awoke on Day 2 to a beautiful morning. We had a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and breakfast tacos and then broke camp. After everything was packed up and nutrition readied for the day, we set out.

However, we didn’t get far. Todd had swapped out his hydration pack tube and the new one was not working. He had to go back to camp and get his other hydration tube. After that 20 minute set back, we were off.

Day 2 was originally described as a 34 mile day with a lot of climbing. However, the route had ‘changed slightly’ and the new course was to take us a ‘few extra miles’ more than the 34 originally advertised.

At any rate, we headed up into the mountains. The vistas were beautiful. The meadows were covered with wild flowers and it was gorgeous country.

We actually met up with a group who were riding the San Juan Hut to Hut route and we all kinda tagged along together for a while. They seemed like a decent group of guys, right up until the moment on a particularly long climb that one of their riders charged on up ahead. About 10 minutes later we see him standing in the road yelling something back. When we get up to him, he informs us he had just seen a black bear in the road.

Well, now I don’t like him very much because I would very much liked to have gotten to see that bear!

At one point we all were stopped for a snack and water refill break. They were going over their maps to determine how much farther they had. We hadn’t even looked at ours save for making sure we stayed on course. We assumed it would be a no brainer. Since they had their map out, I ask to see where we are. They show us where we are.

And then I look on the map to our destination at Miramonte Reservior. And it’s still over 25 miles away! We’re already tired at this point and were shocked to discover we had so much further to go.

Heck, the Hut to Hut guys were not even going to reach where we were going today until the following day! Ah well, time to pedal, pedal, pedal!

Eventually we did crest the peaks and had a nice long downhill decent. It was partway down this decent that all of a sudden my rear breaks start screeching loudly to the unmistakable sound of metal on metal…

WTF, my bike shop supposedly replaced both sets of pads just one week prior =/

Anyway, I decide no biggie and just lay off the rear brakes and mainly use the front for the remainder of the day. Fortunately we had brought a couple of extra sets of brake pads which I was able to swap out once we made it to camp.

Speaking of making it to camp, we continued to pedal and at one point came to a break where we could see the reservoir off in the distance. It was obviously a long ways away and we were already sitting at 38 miles on the day. We both guessed at how far we had to go and I was the longer guesser saying at least 6 miles.

Turns out it was 10 miles.

We finally roll into camp and my GPS is showing 47.7 miles. Ouch! BUT, being so close to a 50 miler, I couldn’t stop at 47.7, so I continued riding up and down the road until I packed in 50.1 miles, my first ever 50+ mile ride!

Miramont Reservior was a great place to stop. It was beautiful and the water was oh so inviting to soak our legs and wash off our selves and our clothes. It was definitely needed after 2 days of hard riding!

We had a fantastic dinner and called it an early evening to make sure we were well rested for another long day in the saddle tomorrow.

Hermosa Tours – http://www.hermosatours.net/
Web Album – https://picasaweb.google.com/110942279729471311996/DurangoToMoab2012

Day 1 Video – http://youtu.be/iaHy_tmF-io
Day 2 Video – http://youtu.be/EMAStys6V9Y
Day 3 Video – http://youtu.be/eV_gOR3uABw
Other days coming soon!

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