Hermosa Tours – Durango to Moab Day 1

Back in Spring of 2012, my buddy Todd and I decided to plan a trip to mountain bike from Durango, Colorado to Moab, Utah. The trip would take 6 days, over 220 miles and 24,000 ft of climbing.

We hired the services of Hermosa Tours to ferry our gear from camp to camp and made our way on the journey.

Day 1 was my first ever experience in biking at high elevation. I was fine up until about 9500 ft, and beyond that even easy climbs became lung busting ascents.

We chose to do a couple of singletrack options on day 1, taking the Hermosa Creek trail and then a segment of the Colorado Trail around Hermosa Peak.

While on the Colorado Trail, a hailstorm blew in and drenched us in rain and hail. It then proceeded to rain on us the entire decent to camp. We rolled into camp cold and weary from our first day.

Our guide had set up our kitchen and we had an excellent dinner of grilled salmon, steamed broccoli and wild rice. Good thing too because Day 2 turned out to be a much longer ride than anticipated.

I’ll update this video and description with the Day 2 video when it is ready!

Hermosa Tours – http://www.hermosatours.net/
Web Album – https://picasaweb.google.com/110942279729471311996/DurangoToMoab2012

Day 1 Video – http://youtu.be/iaHy_tmF-io
Day 2 Video – http://youtu.be/EMAStys6V9Y
Day 3 Video – http://youtu.be/eV_gOR3uABw

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