Fall Rides

The last couple of weeks have netted some good riding.  Last week was pretty chilly (for us) with morning temps in the lower 40’s as I headed out on my ride.  Riding the road to the trail meant chilly winds when I was ‘warming up’ for the trails.

Other than that, the rides have been good.

I got a new big chainring after El Deguello.  Additionally the shop found a bolt was flat out missing on my linkage, which yet again calls into question the expertise of my last shop.  I’ll be giving Cycle Progression some shots at my go to shop for a bit.  I definitely liked what they did this time around.

Got in a couple of rides on the greenbelt, and had a short outing to the local neighborhood trail.

One of the nearby private land trails was open this past Sunday.  Flat Creek Crossing is a great trail and one I hope continues to be available on a monthly basis.  This was the location of the Mellow Johnny’s Classic back in February where I did my first ever mountain bike race.

I really enjoy this trail.  It is fast, has some decent technical areas, strong climbs and fun descents.   It is a great mix!

I had heard there were other trails and had been tipped off on one alternate route.  I decided to check out that direction and was rewarded with some great views.  The trail goes along the creek, along the bottom of a cliff edge, through a Death Star-esque trench where I can relive my fantasy of doing a trench run.

It will be interesting if they decide to incorporate this part of the trail in the race loop next year.

Speaking of which, I did hammer out a near race pace loop to see how much I have improved since I raced here back in Febrary.  I was able to shave off about 6 and a half minutes from my race time.  In the 40-49 bracket last year, this would have put me in the top 10.

That is encouraging, but I still look towards making some additional gains, hopefully at least 2 more minutes which would put me into the top 5.

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