Boy Scout Moment (or not)

Got home from NC on Monday, couldn’t wait to get out and ride, but had lots to take care of, and besides if I wait until today, the wife and kids head out of town leaving me to put in a no time constraint epic ride.

I plan for a3 hour, 20+ mile Greenbelt journey, hitting up some trails I haven’t tried before.

Everything goes pretty well for about 8 miles or so until I start on some unfamiliar trails that turn out to be a little slower than expected. no big deal, I keep on, eventually crossing the river at the hol falls. I decide to try out some other nearby trails that I haven’t ridden.

It too is a bit slower and more technical. no worries, all good and fun. about 30ish mins later, I’m rolling some rocks when I hear a loud PPSSSHHHHHHH….

… Which is the sound of a fresh tear in my front tubeless sidewall.

No biggie, I’ll just put my spare tube in three tire and limp home. oh wait, I used that spate in my rear tire.

Bah, ill boot or patch it and try that…

erm… Where the hell my boot OR patches? okay now I’m cussing a little.

No worries, ill make sure the stans in the tire has the best chance of sealing and use my CO2 to inflate and seal my now unbeaded tire…

Holy hell… I took my CO2 out to ship my kit to NC…


Didn’t I notice a water tank a while back? fortunately, yes..

I hike out the half mile or so and now here I sit at the top of HILL awaiting my cab..

Epic ride indeed

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