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Mountain Biking Reveille Peak Ranch

Tinkering with iMovie, footage from a mountain biking day trip to Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, TX

Reveille Peak Ranch

With the Christmas holidays quickly approaching, I was hoping to get in a ride with my good buddy, Todd. He was in town on vacation and hauling his RV so we made plans to meet out at Reveille Peak Ranch.

I have been wanting to get out to this trail system for a long time, but it has just never materialized. It has been heralded as the mini-Moab of central Texas due to an abundance of granite slick rock at the location.


I was a little tight on time, so I didn’t get to experience all the place has to offer, but what I did experience was fantastic!

They have a flow trail there with some dirt jumps and nice berms. Unfortunately for me, I have never really learned how to properly ‘do’ dirt jumps and in my ever present sense of self bad-assery, decided I’d not take it easy and roll all the jumps, and instead decided I’d at least try to do the jumps somewhat.

One thing you should know about jumps, you can’t just do them ‘somewhat’. At least I don’t think so. I believe you’re supposed to approach them at an all or nothing frame of mind. Shorting a jump is worse than going too long, or at least so I think. At any rate, I didn’t really heed that little tidbit and did end up shorting a little double up, which then caused me to do a nice endo smash…

So yeah… I dunno wtf I’m doing when it comes to jumps… Maybe someday I’ll learn how to handle them properly, or maybe I’ll just decide I’m past that stage in my life and stay far, far away from jumps. I have 2 close friends who have severely injured themselves on dirt jumps and this little brush should teach me a good lesson.

I did manage to finish out the ride, but I torque’d up my neck pretty good. I need to pay my local Chiro a visit to make sure things are lined up properly.

Anyway, I didn’t let the crash deter me, although I did easy roll the rest of the flow trail. No more tires off the ground for me on this ride other than the little drops/etc that I have no issues with.

Back to the overall experience. While the flow trail is a lot of fun, the real reason to come out to RPR is for the rest of the trail system. The upper slick rock trails provide a great ride with beautiful vistas and riding unlike anything you can find in the hill country. I put together this fun little video from the footage taken at The Peak.

I put that together using the Trailer feature in iMovie on my wife’s iPad. Easy to put together a fun little clip! The important thing to take away when wanting to make an egaging video is to get lots of variation in clips, keep them fairly short, and have good music and sound with your vid.

As usual, the Strava entry for this ride:

Endo Bike Crash on Flow Trail at Reveille Peak Ranch

How not to do the jumps on the Flow Trail at Reveille Peak.

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